• 1. Lay the piece flat. It doesn't matter which side is facing up.

    Watch the step-by-step video tutorial for the assembly.

  • 2. Fold each side over, measuring about 5 inches on each side. Measurement doesn't have to be exact, just make sure sides look equal.
  • 3. Pin down the corners and the middle section.
  • 4. Using an H/5 hook and the same colored yarn, make a slipknot. Place your crochet hook through both layers of the corner stitch, attach the slipknot and connect with a slip stitch.

    If doing the color block carrier - attach a slipknot with the color of your choice and slip stitch across.

  • 5. Continue to slip stitch down one whole side. (Line up the sides the best you can and slip stitch through 2 loops on each piece (4 loops total).
  • 6. Fasten off and leave a tail.
  • 7. Repeat steps 4-6 on the other side.
  • 8. Weave in all ends and turn the piece inside out.
  • 9. Position the strap with slip stitches facing out.
  • 10. Flip the edge so you can attach the strap to the carrier. Leave 5 inches between the straps and 1.5 inches for attaching.
  • 11. Using the long tail and a yarn/darning needle, grab a piece of yarn on the inside of the carrier and then insert the yarn needle through two loops of the straps.
  • 12. Continue to attach the strap across the top by picking up a loop of the strap and a loop on the inside of the carrier. Attach down the other side. Make a knot and weave in the ends.
  • 13. Repeat steps 10-11 to attach the other end of the strap.
  • 14. Repeat steps 9-12 to attach the strap to the opposite side of the carrier. Weave in all ends.
  • The carrier holds a 10" Diameter Plate. Pictured is a Chinet 10 3/8" Diameter Heavy Weight Paper Dinner Plate.
  • The carrier also holds an 8" Round Cake Pan. Pictured is Reynolds Disposable Bakeware 8" Round Cake Pan With Lid.
  • I suggest covering food items. Wash and dry as per yarn instructions.