• Embroidery Floss #415

    Use a strand of very thin yarn if you don't have embroidery floss.

  • R1: 3 sc into a magic circle {3 sts}

    Alternate way to begin: chain 2, sc 3 times in 2nd chain from hook {3 sts}

  • R2: (inc) 3 times {6 sts}
  • R3: (inc, sc) 3 times {9 sts}
  • R4-5: sc in next 9 sts {9 sts}
  • R6: (inc, sc in next 2 sts) 3 times {12 sts}
  • Do a seamless join on an open piece (as you did with the snout) and weave in the end.
  • Inner bell:
  • Cut a 12 inch piece of floss.
  • Fold the floss in half and make a knot, leaving a small loop at the end.
  • Thread the ends of the floss through to the top of the bell.
  • Position the inner bell and make a knot at the top of the bell to keep it in place.
  • Set aside until assembly.