• I recommend pinning the parts first. This will give you a better idea of where you'd like the parts to be attached before actual assembly.
  • Note: If you'd like fluffy spider legs, brush out each leg with a pet slicker brush before attaching.
  • Grab a short leg you set aside. Thread the fastened off yarn into a darning needle and insert the needle between R14 and R15 of the body - a stitch or two away from the eye.
  • Then go down through a stitch of the leg to connect it to the body.
  • Continue to go up through a stitch of the body.
  • And down through a stitch of the leg.
  • Continue this on the other side with the second short leg.
  • Attach a medium leg on each side - next to the short leg.
  • Attach a long leg on each side - next to the medium leg and repeat with the last two long legs.
  • Attach bow between R7 and R8.
  • Weave in all the excess pieces of yarn into the body.
  • Please be aware that amigurumi contains small pieces and can be dangerous to children.
  • Fluffy spider legs - use a pet slicker brush to lightly brush out the legs before attaching.