• R1: 3 sc into a magic circle (3 sts)

    Alternate way to begin: chain 2, sc 3 times in 2nd chain from hook {3 sts}

  • R2: inc, sc in next 2 sts {4 sts}

    Note: Increasing by one stitch can be tedious. Make sure to turn your work the right way, it will want to turn in the opposite direction.

  • R3: sc in next 3 sts, inc {5 sts}
  • R4: inc, sc in next 4 sts {6 sts}
  • R5: sc in next 5 sts, inc {7 sts}
  • R6: inc, sc in next 6 sts {8 sts}
  • R7: sc in next 7 sts, inc {9 sts}
  • R8: inc, sc in next 8 sts {10sts}
  • Begin to stuff the tail and continue as you crochet. Using the back of your crochet hook to stuff the tail is helpful.

    Help - Place a different colored stitch marker on Round 9 to keep count of your single crochet rounds.

  • R9-83: sc in next 10 sts {10 sts}
  • R84: (inc, sc in next 4 sts) 2 times {12 sts}
  • R85: (sc in next 5 sts, inc) 2 times {14 sts}
  • Fasten off and leave a long piece of yarn for sewing.