• Cut 4 (15 inch) pieces of pink, purple, blue, green, and yellow yarn.
  • Starting above the horn, pick a stitch in the middle and insert your hook.
  • Place 2 pieces of yarn onto the hook.
  • Pull the yarn through the stitch stopping halfway. You'll have a large loop on one side and loose yarn on the other.
  • Insert the loose end of the yarn through the loop.
  • Tighten the yarn at the base of the head.
  • Keep add sections of hair by moving down a stitch.
  • When you have all the hair attached, trim if needed.
  • If you like the look of crimpy hair then separate each strand of yarn with a darning needle.
  • Crimpy hair look.
  • (Optional) Add a piece at the back of the body to make a tail - braid it and add a bow.