• Make 2
  • Using color red
  • R1: 3 sc into a magic circle {3 sts}

    Alternate way to begin: chain 2, sc 3 times in 2nd chain from hook {3 sts}

  • R2: (inc) 3 times {6 sts}
  • R3: sc in next 6 sts {6 sts}
  • R4: inc, sc in next 5 sts {7 st}
  • R5: inc in next 2 sts, sc in next 5 sts {9 sts}
  • Instead of fastening off, grab the big claw and place it next to the small claw.
  • Single crochet directly into the big claw.

    Go into the stitch next to the fasten off.

  • Continue to go around until you reach the end of the big claw.
  • Single crochet around the small claw until you reach the stitch marker.
  • Use the fastened off yarn to close holes between where the claws were joined, if needed.

    The explanation above is considered R6.

  • R6: sc in next 18 sts around big claw and small claw {18 sts}
  • R7: (dec, sc in next st) 6 times {12 sts}
  • Stuff each claw but do not stuff anymore.
  • R8: (dec, sc in next 2 sts) 3 times {9 sts}
  • R9-13: sc in next 9 sts {9 sts}
  • Do a seamless join on an open piece:

    Seamless Join Video

  • Cut the working yarn, leaving a tail. Pull the yarn through the last stitch (do not fasten off).
  • Thread the remaining yarn into an embroidery needle and insert the needle under both loops of the stitch to the left of the last stitch - from outside to inside.
  • Then insert your needle through the middle of the V - of the last crocheted stitch - from outside to inside.
  • Set aside until assembly.